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THE GRAN CANARIA EXPERIENCE: Apartamentos Cordial Mogán Valle

We are staying at the Apartamentos Cordial Mogán Valle. After the monsoon-like rain the day we arrived, things have improved to the extent that I have just had to come inside … because I’m too hot. We are here until Friday and don’t think we have seen the last of the rain yet, so mustn’t get too complacent.

My constant companion Cordial Mogan Vale Apartments


The apartments suit us well, the bathroom could do with a bit of an upgrade but the rest of it is fine, especially the huge balcony where I am currently spending time with my new constant companion.

Our apartment number is 960, which doesn’t seem to get much sun but think that might be a seasonal thing however only 50 paces away there is a sundeck which sees the sun all day.

The sun deck at Cordial Valle Apartments … shame I forgot to paint my toenails


Apartment 960 is top (9th) floor, four apartments away from the end of the block closest to the sea, the only place to be.

The Cordial Mogan Valle Apartments has two swimming pools, a sauna and there is much on offer to occupy the children, plus the usual amenities, restaurant, snack bar, that does an excellent barbeque twice a week.

Spot the lift shaft


The layout of the apartments has the element of the Krypton Factor about it. For those of you who don’t remember that ubiquitous UK TV show, it tested the contestant’s physical stamina and mental attributes. The lifts take you up a couple of floors, then you set off with a compass trying to spot the next lift shaft, which I suppose makes the building look more ascetically, as well as architecturally, appealing.

Alternatively, you can jog up to the ninth floor except after one of their truly excellent buffet breakfasts, jogging anywhere, is an impossibility, but there are some very physically fit looking fellow guests, who I expect, judging by their seamless suntans, have been staying here for a lot longer than a week.


It’s a 15-minute amble down Avenida del Marrero to the beach and marina, where you are spoilt for eating choices, we will have to come back for a month to work our way around them all.

The restaurants are all very reliable, very reasonably priced and we didn’t have a bad meal anywhere.  A couple of highlights for us were Jack el Negro and Taberna del Puerto.  I have to confess, the only self-catering we did was to pour ourselves out a glass of wine.  The Gran Canarian restauranters make excellent hosts, generous to a tee from the portion sizes to a complimentary Honey Rum with your bill.


The canals and bridges of its seawater inlet have earned Puerto de Mogan the nickname Little Venice and somewhere I very much look forward to revisiting in the future.


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