The Pain of Editing: Manic Monday

To write is human, to edit is divine.”
Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

A quote from Stephen King, the author of my ‘writing bible’ to start and with apologies to the much-missed Prince, who wrote that iconic song Manic Monday for The Bangles all those years ago.  But today, for me, Monday feels horribly manic.

In 1986, I wore out my copy of the Manic Monday 7″ single because I played it so many times and how ironic that this amazing song was blocked from reaching the number one spot in the charts by  Prince and the Revolution‘s single, Kiss.

 I’m torn between wanting to finish the edit a.s.a.p. and coming up for up air to give myself a break.

Anyway … I digress … as I so often do.   The reason I am feeling manic this morning is that I have been up at dawn every day for the last four days to carry out a ruthless edit of the 7th re-write of my novel.

As a virgin novelist, the editing process is proving to be both exhausting and painful, as it is highlighting some serious flaws in my writing.  It is cliché-ridden, littered with adverbs and the number of times my character’s hearts have skipped a beat is beginning to give me palpitations.

So editing for me is proving to be a 1 in 4 learning curve and I very hope my writing will improve as a result.

I love every single one of my characters and am reasonably confident I have a solid plot so, having got this far, I am not going to let my characters or the storyline down by writing shoddy sentences.

What a euphoric day it will be when I’ve finished the edit.   I will finally be able to send the whole shebang off to a professional so it can be ravaged once again and I await its return with bated breath so I can go through the whole bloody process again.  Just another manic Monday.

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