The Mozaics Experience

There was a time when I thought knew the Jersey music scene pretty well.  Now older and wider around the middle, I rarely venture out at night, especially when it is 0 degrees outside.  But, Jersey has never been short of talented musicians.

Waking up to a Siberian blizzard yesterday morning as the Beast from the East clashed with Storm Emma over Jersey, it didn’t bode well for many things, especially getting around.  It must have raised a few questions in the minds of the organisers of Rebecca Ferguson’s sell-out gig the Jersey Opera House with the doors to the auditorium due to open at 7.30p.m.   Would the Rebecca and her band be able to get to the Island and would Islanders be able to get to the Jersey Opera House?  Especially those stalwart Rebecca fans living in drift-ridden St. Ouen.

Rockit Entertainment had sent an email confirming that the Mozaics would be the support band and as I am so horribly out of date, I Googled them and found this.

I told you there was some serious musical talent in Jersey. 

The darn Siberian blizzard was responsible for lead singer Christian Silver, Craig Farrell (bass) and Chris Nutter on drums performing as a three-piece as their keyboard player, Tom Quenault, was stranded in the UK.

The Mozaics … soldering on as a three-piece at Jersey’s Opera House 1st March 2018

Using Tom’s pre-recorded keyboard tracks the Mozaic Three soldiered on to produce a really great set.

Their next gig is in London on 15th March 2018 at The Old Blue Last.  So if you are anywhere near 38 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3ES on the 15th, treat yourself to the Mozaics experience.  Click here to find out more.

With apologies to the Mozaics for stealing their fine promo pic for my featured imaged without asking and for my under/over exposed shot of the Mozaic Three from last night.

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