The Black Holes of Blogging

Only on the Internet can a person be lonely and popular at the same time.”
Allison Burnett, Undiscovered Gyrl

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What is it about blogging?  Is it the quick fix that us would-be writers crave?  Our work in print and online for the world to see seconds after we’ve hit the Publish button, is that what it is all about?

I spend my life vacillating between loving blogging and hating it, AKA the highs and lows of blogging.


Keep ’em rolling

The Highs:  Those euphoric days when you are buoyed up by the sound of your persistently pinging laptop as the Likes just keep rolling in.

The Lows:  The dismal and silent days when I wonder if my Internet connection has permanently been severed.  The days my blog disappears down a dismal black hole in the Blogosphere, rendering it unsafe for any visiting traffic.


Tessa Barrie … the sad, random and niche-less blogger

I coined the phrases Random Blogger and Niche-less Blog and therein, I suspect, lies the problem.  I can only dream of what it must be like to blog to a vast and adoring audience like Kiersten Rich, The Blonde Abroad, the clue as to the theme of her blog is in the title and Lifestyle Blogger, Natasha Denness, Candy Pop.  But hey, I’ve never looked good in a swimsuit and I’m not a life and creative business coach.  I blog from the heart and where the world takes me, including the black holes because I need that blogging fix.



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