Stunning Welsh TV Drama – Keeping Faith

Lovely the woods, waters, meadows, combes, vales,

Gerard Manley Hopkins

My step-father’s family came from Wales and were living in bucolic Anglesey when he was born. I have always been drawn to the country, spending many holidays enjoying the breathtaking beaches of the Pembrokeshire coast, as well as returning to the Hay Festival, time and time again.

The idyllic Welsh countrywide has provided stunning backdrops for some of the more recent TV dramas such as Hinterland and Requiem; the latter gave me goosebumps.

These days I am rarely drawn into TV drama but I have been sucked, head first, into the superb BBCOne drama Keeping Faith, or for the Welsh speakers amongst you Un Bore Mercher.

keeping faith.jpg

Not to be confused with Jodi Picoult’s amazing novel, Keeping Faith, which is about a custody battle for a seven-year-old girl who may be seeing God, this S4C (Welsh Version)/BBCOne Wales production was created by Matthew Hall and shot back to back first in Welsh, then in English.

Eve and Bradly
Eve Myles with real-life husband Bradley Freegard to plays the part of Faith’s elusive husband in Keeping Faith

Produced by Pip Broughton, how often have we seen that name when the credits roll?  And Andy Newbery (episodes five and six).  This eight-part drama stars Eve Myles  (Torchwood) as the sultry and bewildered Faith, whose husband kisses his young family goodbye one morning before disappearing off the face of Carmarthenshire.

Eve Myles stars as Faith Howells in Keeping Faith

The life of the bubbly Faith Howells, the stay-at-home-wife, and loving mother is turned upside down as she turns detective to discover the murky truth that lies beneath her husband’s disappearance.

If the drama is five-star, so is the soul-stirring soundtrack.   Written by Amy Wadge, best known as Ed Sheeran’s writing partner for Thinking Out Loud, especially the haunting Faith’s Song.  

Singer-songwriter Amy Wadge has written the soul-stirring soundtrack for Keeping Faith

I am completely hooked.  No spoilers, please.  Roll on Episode Five.


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