Keeping Faith for a Season Two

Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall creator/writer of Keeping Faith

I am hoping that someone is going to tell me soon that the BBC’s #KeepingFaith will return for a second season. 

Matthew Hall you’ve got to keep this going.  I need Evan (Ev-ahn) to go under the cosh.

Faith and Cerys
Eve Myles and Hannah Daniel in Keeping Faith

In the opening scene of my version of Season Two Evan would be cross-examined by Faith (Eve Myles) and Cerys (Hannah Daniel), who will leave no Welsh Slate unturned.

Of course, I cried at the end of Episode 8 which was aired last night and  I am not going to elaborate further, because some of you are yet to head over to BBC iPlayer.


I thought this was a beautifully written piece for television, labelled by some as a modest little thriller but, I beg to differ.  Thrilling, yes. Modest, no.  

The lives of regular, upstanding folk are plunged into a nightmare as they struggle to deal with emotional and psychological trauma thrust upon them.  I felt empathy for them all.  The characters are believable and brilliantly cast which produced some admirable performances.


keeping faith

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