Performance Saboteurs

Life is not all about winning, it is how you handle yourself when somebody deliberately snatches away your moment in time.
lee Nelson and the stero kicks
Lee Nelson’s attempt to sabotage the Stereo Kicks’s chance to shine – not Lee’s finest performance – November 2014

Back in November 2014, I blogged about a crowd invader who attempted to sabotage an X-Factor performance by the eight-strong boy band, Stereo Kicks,¬†singing Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Alone.

The juvenile saboteur, who was old enough to know better, was the then would-be-comedian Lee Nelson.  Lee, by a remarkable twist of fate in his favour, is currently is touring the UK with his own stand-up show.  I wonder where the Stereo Kicks are?  And I wonder how Lee would like it if they jumped on stage during his set, to remind him he was not alone.

I had started that blog by saying it could only happen on the X-Factor. ¬†Now… I take it all back, as it has also happened during the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, but this performance sabotage was carried out in a much more shocking and menacing way.


The UK’s Eurovision’s entry was a song called Storm performed by SuRie, who is no stranger to the show,¬†having performed as a backing singer for Belgium in 2015 and was the musical director for their 2017 entry. ¬†During a pre-Eurovision frenzy interview, SuRie said she loved everything about Eurovision, but she might not feel quite the same way this morning.

During her performance last night,¬†a man ran on to the stage and snatched SuRie’s¬†mic away from her and shouted Nazi’s of the UK Media, we demand freedom.¬† The saboteur was a self-proclaimed and self-christened activist,¬†Dr ACactivism, who was desperate to steal SuRie’s two minutes in the limelight for himself before being unceremoniously dragged off stage.

FullSizeRenderI had looked away for the few seconds that the drama unfolded and by the time I turned to Twitter to find out what had just happened, J. K. Rowling had already succinctly vented her feelings.


And you are a real pro, SuRie, you deserved so much better than that.

But, life is not all about winning, it is how you handle yourself in adversity when somebody deliberately snatches away your moment in time.  A moment that you have worked so hard to perfect for months then denied the chance to fully shine and you handled it brilliantly.

As for Dr ACactivism, I hope you feel proud of your dismal performance?   Grow up, get a life and whatever it is that has got your goat, deal with it on a more appropriate stage.

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