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I never normally turn to acts of violence to vent my feelings.

There are no new stories. It all depends on how you handle them. In romances the characters are going to fall in love with each other; you know that when you see the syrupy cover. It’s how to get there that’s the fun.
Jude Deveraux

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Last week I bathed, briefly, in a self-indulgent glow of euphoria having run off the first complete draft of my first novel.  Later that evening, whilst watching my current favourite TV drama… one of the plotlines from my first-born novel played out.

I resorted to emailing a verbose, whinging (and I suspect a little vain) monologue about how bereft I was feeling and pinged it off to those long-suffering supporters of my novel endeavours.  Ending my wretched message by telling them I was going to smash a bottle in the bottle dustbin.  I never normally turn to acts of violence to vent my feelings.

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But, thankfully for those around me, all it took to console the beast within, was the opening line of an emailed response to make me realise I was behaving like a total nincompoop.

Don’t panic.  Remember there are NO NEW STORIES only stories told in new ways.

So, just fourteen off the cuff well-chosen words to soothe the brow of a ridiculously over-emotional would-be-novelist and, signed off her comforting words of wisdom with… and…breathe…

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