Sleep to Dream

So what triggered my subconscious to weave teleportation into my dream?

“I had a dream about you last night. The champagne was non-alcoholic. You didn’t notice, and laughed at my jokes anyway.”
― Michael Summers, I Had a Dream About You

As a long-term insomniac, on the rare occasions I fall into a deep sleep, I dream very vividly.

I have had some command performance dreaming over the years and have even been known to weave some of my nocturnal subconscious adventures into short-stories.

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As dreams most frequently occur during deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, my eyes must have had a good workout last night.

I had eaten a bland supper, tuna salad, so no rich and spicy food or half a pound of cheese too close to bedtime, so no obvious trigger, but I was REMing for quite some time… about teleportation.  I have had little interest in that mode of transport since never missing an episode of Star Trek… back in the day.

So what triggered my subconscious to weave teleportation into my dream?

A piece of my heart is currently on a gap year, building dams and hosing down elephants in Thailand, before moving on to another far-flung destination.   She has been keeping in touch via various social media platforms (Thank God for Social Media!)  But last night I dreamt she made contact via a teleporter.

Very keen to show us how it worked, she was intending to teleport a present, a handmade Thai bracelet but, her iPhone and mobile charger arrived on the table in front of us.  Her vital source of communication and we had no way of getting them back to her.

Thrown into panic mode and about to contact the UK’s most eminent teleportation experts to help me send the iPhone and charger back, I heard the words…

‘Oops… pressed the wrong button!  Sorry!’

And, as the Theme from Star Trek filled my ears, a teleporter in a remote part of Thailand reversed the process as the phone and charger fuzzed out of view and replaced with a handmade Thai bracelet.



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