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COUNTDOWN TO KESWICK – Upping the Fitness Regime​

Eleven days and counting

I Named My Dog ‘5 Miles’ So I Can Tell People I Walk 4 Miles Every Day!


Isn’t it time for a walk?

I do walk every day, the way my writing companion, Cassie the Blog Dog, looks at me is enough to get me out of the house and up the road.

As soon as we booked the Lake District trip, I started increasing my daily perambulatory mileage, but I am concerned that one of my traveling companions, Maltese Muffin, has been racking up five miles a day and I have not.

So I upped my game today and spent most of the morning puffing the potatoes fields in 22C heat and no wind, returning home around lunchtime, soaked to the skin and feeling like I had run 5K.  My Activity App is clearly on the blink as it’s only a clocked a sad 1.7 miles.

As from tomorrow, I need to up my game.

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