COUNTDOWN TO KESWICK – A Stroll around Queen’s Valley

Ten days and counting…

queens valley
Queen’s Valley – temps passé

Queen’s Valley was once home to generations of Jersey cattle and DC Jim Bergerac who solved some of Jersey’s most heinous crimes in the TV series Bergerac between 1981 and 1991.

In those days, Queen’s Valley was lush, green and bucolic, so when plans were made in the 1980’s to flood the valley and create another reservoir to serve Jersey’s ever-increasing population, Queen’s Valley became the most contentious place south of the English Channel.

David Bellamy leads a group of protesters through Queens Valley – Photo Credit:  Jersey Heritage

Dear old Jersey became a magnet for protesters, including TV presenter and Environmental lobbyist, David Bellamy.  However, despite all their efforts, the flooding of the valley was agreed by the States of Jersey… by one vote… and the project was completed in 1991.  Queen’s Valley is now Jersey’s largest reservoir, holding up to 262 million gallons of raw water.

Today, with the temperatures on the up, there is nowhere more tranquil to walk alone, or with your dog (on the lead), than around Queen’s Valley reservoir.

The ancient trees provide a verdant canopy, alive with the sound of birdsong and shade for the runner or brisk walker.  The aquatic birds are also in abundance as the valley is now home to cormorants, ducks, and coots, as well as a family of geese who break the stillness with a hearty honk if you get too close.

Queen’s Valley – 28th May 2018

There is something very calming about water and there is a unique stillness about Queen’s Valley.  It is somewhere you can feel at one with nature and with yourself, giving you time to enjoy a little solitude

And…oh yes… I racked up just over two miles… must go further tomorrow…


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