COUNTDOWN TO KESWICK – Sorel Point to Devil’s Hole and back

We are so lucky in Jersey to have such wonderful walks on our doorstep.

Nine days and counting…

I was feeling braver today and took the trail poles with me.

And the poles came too…

I hadn’t walked from Sorel to Devil’s Hole for a long time but, as the terrain is better suited to Manx  Loaghtan sheep, I wasn’t expecting to see many people and we didn’t.  So there was no reason to feel self-conscious or pretentious with my poles and they worked well, after 2.5 miles I felt like a seasoned pole professional.

Jersey sheep became extinct in the 19th century and in 2009 Jersey’s National Trust brought twenty breeding Manx Loaghtan ewes and two rams to the island in an attempt to re-establish sheep to the Island.  They have flourished, the flock is now made up of over two hundred animals.  When they graze, they crop and trample the grass which in turn allows birds to access surface-active and soil insects.

It’s an exhilarating walk and one that I will repeat soon, especially as my unreliable Activity App confirmed I had not only walked 2.5 miles, but I’d climbed thirteen flights of stairs as well.  The colour of my face was proof that this walk tested my endurance.

We are so lucky in Jersey to have such wonderful walks on our doorstep and those of us who don’t regularly make time to wander off the beaten track are missing out.








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