Even Cassie the Blog Dog was feeling the pace after yesterday's sherpa experience.

Eight days and counting…

Everything ached this morning after traversing Manx Loaghtan sheep-worn cliff paths with my trail sticks yesterday.

IMG_9623After a one hour Qi Gong lesson first thing this morning, every part of my anatomy was re-tuned and working normally, but I still felt stiff.

I had planned to do the Bouley Bay circuit today but thought I would leave precipitous Manx Loaghtan sheep paths for another day when I didn’t feel quite so inflexible, so took the beach instead.

The beach is Cassie the Blog Dog’s favourite place and, although she would never admit it, she was feeling the pace after yesterday’s sherpa experience.  So, we took our time enjoying a two-mile amble, with the beach to ourselves.

Oi!  That small dog should be on a lead on the beach between 10.30am and 6pm from 1 May and 30 September!!!!

It did make us both wonder though… exactly why does she need to be on a lead between 10.30am and 6pm from 1 May and 30 September?

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