My Gap 12-Day Adventure

My countdown to Keswick is actually a little skewed…

With a piece of my heart still enjoying her gap year in far-flung parts of the world, I’m just about to embark on my gap 12-day adventure.  

It’s true that I leave home on 7th June but I’m headed for Glasgow first before moving on to the Lake District for a week, then on to Harrogate, the place of Betty’s Tea Rooms and my birth.

GLASGOW – Yaldi (An expression of excitement or joy.)  Source:

GLASGOW – Photo Credit:

It will be my first visit and there is no better way of seeing the sites than being given a guided tour by family members who have chosen to make this great city their home.

THE LAKE DISTRICT – Hope I don’t meet an eachy.  An eachy is a species of lake monster from a variety of locations in Northern England and Scotland. An eachy is typically a large humanoid being of gruesome and slimy appearance seen to occasionally emerge from the lake. An eachy was reported from Windermere in 1873 and Bassenthwaite Lake as late as 1973 when it was supposedly photographed twice. Source:

KESWICK – Photo Credit:

Visiting the Lake District is another first for me and hence the sudden flurry of walks with varying degrees of difficulty in an attempt to increase my stamina.  I am determined to absorb as much of the sights of the sounds of this bucolic place as possible. Once home to Beatrix Potter and somewhere William Wordsworth was so inspired to wax lyrical about.  I have no doubt that it will also win my heart.

“The loveliest spot that man hath found.”
William Wordsworth

HARROGATE – Nah then, ‘ere’s a guide to chattin’ reight Yorkshire! (Hello, here is a guide to proper Yorkshire dialect).  Source:

HARROGATE – Photo Credit:

Returning to my roots, the place where generations of my family came from, will be an emotional experience.  Sadly, my Yorkshire accent never had the chance to develop after my parents decided to sally forth and head south when I was three.  I’ve been wanting to go back for a long time now and I will embrace it.   I may kick myself for all those missed opportunities to quiz older members of my family about the place of my birth as they are, sadly, no longer with us, but retracing their footsteps will be a memory to savour.

Thank you very much for visiting my niche-less blog! If you have time before you leave, would love you to tell us what you think. All the best, Tessa Barrie

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