I will be arriving in Keswick in seven days and, apart from an inconvenient blip yesterday with that awful auto-immune drained-of-all-energy feeling, my training has been ongoing.  

Setting out fresh as a sweet-smelling clump of Chamomile, returning red-faced and dripping 

Poles and walking Cassie the Blog Dog on a lead, don’t go together, however obedient she is being.  This suits me because, as I still feel self-conscious about using them, so I carry them over the road from my home to the potato fields, hoping I don’t see anybody I know.  The half-dug potato fields have, conveniently for me, made an ideal circuit training ground for my poles and I.


Back in the day when I was fit, I always preferred to train in the heat and would do so with a smile on my face.  As the temperature soared to 23ºC today, I headed for the potato fields with a smile on my face and fueled by a sudden, youthful surge of adrenalin.  As my poles and I ploughed our way through the dry earth, my surge lasted for two circuits, during which time I stopped to take a call from home.  They were worried, they thought I’d been gone a long time, which was when I returned home.


Spot the cute dog in the pole walking training grounds


I didn’t have to worry about being spotted by a neighbour on the way back because I didn’t even recognise myself… dripping, with a big red face. Just a crazy old Baby Boomer with a cute dog, carrying a couple of poles but, I went home and mowed the lawn, which added another half a mile to today’s tally.