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Sassenach finds Sun in Scotland

With a heavy heart, I heaved my backpack over my shoulders.

“I love you,” I said hoarsely, taking one last look at her normally loving limpid pool eyes, which glowered disbelievingly back at me, daggers drawn and feeling like the biggest shit of all time, I slipped out the front door.  Mental note to self… never leave home without Cassie the Blog Dog again.

How could you leave me?

Still traumatised by my cutting farewell with Cassie, I leave home in Jersey, the Channel Islands and head north to Glasgow to find some sun. For years I believed that the closer to the equator you are, the warmer the weather. That is not what my weather app has been telling me for the past few days.

In-flight, drinking a 500ml bottle of Harrogate spring water at £2 a pop, coincidentally I will be in Harrogate in ten days time when no doubt, I will be drinking it straight from the tap.  I gorged my way through a whole packet of Wookey Hole Cheddar Crackers, which should come with a health warning as they are seriously addictive.

Touch down at Glasgow in the balmy sunshine where my Gap 12-Day Adventure really begins.


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