Three years in and I have just received the first official bit of feedback on my virgin-novel-in-progress and on the whole, I feel quite smug about it.

I had been preparing myself for that moment when my brittle writer’s ego would be pummeled to a pulp.   I had even started a collection of empty bottles, which were stacked and ready to be smashed into the bottle dustbin to help relieve the fallout from my post-feedback trauma.  As things turned out, I calmly added the bottles to the bin whilst focussing on the feedback negative…

…amuse rather than bludgeon the reader with witty lines.

God forbid that I would want to bludgeon the reader with anything but I have taken these words of wisdom on board as I sift through the manuscript again.

In reflection, as a bittersweet story, I threw myself overboard the comedic boat in the first chapter, but now I have a new mantra… less is more.  No more bludgeoning, just gentle banter.

Blue Wood.png