I had an early start today, walking Cassie the Blog Dog in the relative cool of the morning on what I anticipate will be a perfect summer’s day.

Making the best of the English summer is of paramount importance to me because it never lasts very long and under normal circumstances, going indoors on such a glorious day never would cross my mind.  But today is not a normal day.

It is the middle of the Wimbledon fortnight and England’s young footie lions are in the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup.

As soon as the BBC’s cameras start rolling and the tops start coming off the Pimms bottles at the All England Tennis and Croquet Club, I will be heading for my armchair, to get ready to watch Kyle Edmund’s match against the mighty Novak Djokovic.

Very inconveniently, an hour or so before Kyle Edmund lifts a racquet on Centre Court, the England v Sweden match kicks off at the Cosmos Arena in Samara.

It is a very long time since I drooled over David Beckham’s elegant passes but, like with all good things, my lager swilling days drew to a close as I started sipping Pimms and taking a keen interest in the skills sets of the players on APT Tour.  But, last Tuesday I worked myself into a frenzy watching England’s baby-faced team beat Columbia in a penalty shootout. 

So I will be torn, flitting from BBC 1 to BBC 2, waving my metaphorical Union Jack with a Pimms in one hand and a six-pack in the other.  Common Edmund England!!!!!

union jack.gif