Early Morning Story

I’m in between writing projects at the moment having finished, for now, my first born novel, so I’ve rekindled my passion for short story writing.  Triggered no doubt because we, at the Jersey Writers Social Group, are having such fun writing collaborative short story projects.

Years ago, I went to a weekly writer’s group and at the end of each meeting, our host gave us a list of around eight or ten titles to work with.  We would go away and write a short short story using one of the titles which we would read to the group the following week.  Invariably I would go home and, at least, write the bare bones of my story into the wee small hours.  I loved doing it, even though now I seem to have to come up with the title first 😉

Whenever the m

Most of my novel was written during the very early hours of the morning, certainly during the first two years.  The storyline had been inside my head for so long, I had to get it on to paper as quickly as possible, which meant that I would wake up during the night and write until dawn.


I always tend to write in the mornings, as soon as my brain wakes up. Any writing I get done after lunch time is a bonus.  My muse woke me at 3.00a.m. this morning and I fell asleep 500 words later.  It’s now 11.30a.m. and I have turned those 500 words into a 2000 word short story and now I feel like I can relax… until the muse takes me again in the morning.

Whatever time of the day your muse takes you… go with the flow.


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