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Leave Your Brittle Ego At Home

Comedy writers have the most fragile egos.   Mindy Kaling

At various stages of our lives, our egos take a bashing but now, in the Autumn of my years, I care less about what other people think.  And yes, this cavalier thought process even applies to my writing, except… when it comes to what the people closest to me think.

My Brittle Ego.png

I can cope with critique from people with whom I’m not emotionally entwined.  I will take what they have to say on the chin and rework with their philosophy at the forefront of my mind.  But it is when I excitedly hand a printout of, in my mind, my latest literary triumph, to my nearest dearest, I do so with a degree of trepidation.

As I tend to write in a comedic vein, it is always of paramount importance to me that the family reader responds during the first 250 words with a smile or preferably, a laugh.  Full on belly laughter would have me cartwheeling around the garden, but it’s when they sigh, frown and pick up the red pen, especially during the opening paragraph, I feel that I have failed.

My brittle ego falls to the floor and starts beating its frangible little hands on the ground. I feel like a pickaxe has been driven through its flimsy membrane as my flakey self-esteem goes into self-defence mode and I respond aggressively.  My most important target audience and I want them to love every word I write, not strike them out or rearrange with the accursed red pen.

Einstein ego.jpg

Still, my heart knows they are always right and my ego always heals.  I’ve already been told by someone I have never met that “It’s worth making sure that you amuse rather than bludgeon the reader with witty lines – less is definitely more when it comes to comic writing.”  And I took that on the nose without any tears or tantrums.  So it’s always very important to leave your brittle ego at home.

Leave your ego at home.png

Featured image.  Photo Credit: – How a Bruised Ego can be Good for the Soul

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