1976 – The Year of the UK Heatwave

Despite the UK’s current political shenanigans, us Brits are happy.  Cliff Richard didn’t need to sing in the rain to entertain soggy tennis fans during the Wimbledon fortnight, as they enjoyed glorious weather throughout.  Our political climate maybe unstable but meteorologically our weather is as stable as it has ever been as we bathe in the first prolonged spell of proper summer weather for forty-two years.

The weather apart, there are some similarities between 1976 and 2018, the economy was in dire straits, it’s only sluggish now, and the government was in danger of falling apart, well it’s now it’s profoundly weak but, apparently, surprisingly stable.

For those of you who weren’t born in 1976 or are too young to remember the sizzling summer of ’76, there was a lot going on throughout the year.  I missed the summer months completely as I was staying with friends of my parents in California, before knuckling down to do some serious studying. union jack

Here are just some of the UK’s highlights for 1976, the year of the empty reservoirs and Brotherhood of Man pipping Elton John and Kiki Dee to the number one spot for best selling single of the year.

First commercial flight of concord Jan 21 1976
21st January 1976 – the first commercial flight the iconic Concorde

January – The first commercial flight of Concorde took off

February – John Curry became Britain’s first Winter Olympics gold medalist

March – Anita Roddick opened the first branch of the Body Shop in Brighton

Brotherhood of Man.jpg
Eurovision success for Brotherhood of Man 1976

April – Brotherhood of Man win the Eurovision Song Contest with the best selling single of the year Save Your Kisses For Me

May – Jeremy Thorpe resigns as leader of the Liberal Party

June –   The Cod War with Iceland is ended

July –  Heatwave peaks as temperatures reach 35.9 °C (96.6 °F)

Saddleworth Moor reservoir 1975.jpg
Saddleworth Moor Reservoir 1976

August – Drought in South West – 45 days without rain in July and August

September – Drought weather in Yorkshire!

October – The Damned release New Rose, the first single marketed as “punk rock“.

November – £8,000,000 van robbery at the Bank of America in Mayfair

The Sex Pistols turned the air blue on the Bill Grundy TV show – December 1976   Photo Credit:  www.openculture.com

December – Shock, horror as the Sex Pistols achieve public notoriety as they say several swear words live on Bill Grundy‘s TV show.

1976 – the year that was.




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