Fiction Writing

The things I do to try and get myself into print…

“You can’t really go wrong if you aim for 500-800 words and, for sure, keep the thing to less than 1,000 words. Agents asking for a 1-page synopsis are being unrealistic. Anyone who wants more than 1,000 words doesn’t know what a synopsis is.”

Thank you Jericho Writers, I keep reminding myself of this.

I emerged from my woman cave yesterday, with a throbbing head after a gruelling edit of the work-in-progress, including the ****ing synopsis. I’m quite pleased with the whole manuscript, it’s getting much tighter, but I’m still tearing my hair out over the synopsis.

Up at dawn, I reached for my Mac with the intention of wrestling with the synopsis for the umpteenth time.  Then I decided that, as I am still struggling to write the synopsis, maybe I should have a play around with it visually… it can’t get any worse.

With thanks to Bears for your music.

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