“Sunrise looks spectacular in nature; sunrise looks spectacular in the photos; sunrise looks spectacular in our dreams; sunrise looks spectacular in the paintings because it really is spectacular!”  Mehmet Murat ildan

At the beginning of June 2015, I needed three wake-up alarms to get me out of bed. When the third went off, Katrina and the Waves singing Walking on Sunshine, I knew I was going to need more than sunshine to get me through the traffic and sitting at my desk by 9a.m.  But, by the end of that month, I no longer needed a wake-up alarm, because I was made redundant.

Whilst still reeling from the shock of losing my job, my life was rocked by a series of cataclysmic events and, whilst trying to fumble my way out of the emotional maze I found myself in, it finally hit home that you can never take life for granted.  You have no idea what is lurking around the corner waiting to knock you off course and life is too short not to be doing what you love.  So I bit the bullet and decided to work at the one thing  I loved doing the most on a full-time basis; writing.

Now, I wake up a dawn.  I no longer need an alarm… let alone three.  Watching the sun come up each morning is my inspiration. Each dawn is different and triggers new vibes for me to pour into my writing for that day.

Fantasy… that black dot towards the bottom on the left is a real bee flying past by the way.

When does your muse grab you?