Weekly Synopsis

Brooding Monday

Woke up feeling bereft.  The long-awaited and much-needed annual creative confidence boost, the Writer’s Weekend Workshop at the Art’s Centre is over for another year.  There is no Qi Gong this week so I will take my frustrations out on the synopsis.  Perhaps I should think about taking up karate again?


Calmer Tuesday

Woke up feeling determined.   Spent most of the day editing the hell out of the first three chapters, before going back to the ultimate self-torture… the ****ing synopsis.


Wonderous Wednesday

Woke up brimming with confidence.  I feel I have finally cracked the synopsis!  So have passed it to a friendly beta reader, whilst I grapple with chapters 4-8 until I feel happy with them.  Things are shaping up nicely.  I think… I am finally shaping into a competent writer.   Just another forty-two chapters to edit, then I’ll start sending my MS out and about.   Then the beta reader emails me,  having identified various flaws.  Death to the ****ing synopsis.

Thoughtful Thursday 


Woke up feeling knackered.  Will stay away from the synopsis for a couple of days and start trawling my way through the manuscript from chapter 9, looking for telling bloopers, with the intention of rewriting to show them.  I have a long way to go before I can apply the word competent to my writing.


Frustrating Friday

Slept well, but woke up tired.  How does that work?  Am irritated that life will be getting in the way of editing today.

Still, I am looking forward to a couple of creative distractions this weekend. The Jersey Festival of Words is in full flow and I have booked a session with Jersey-based writer, Laura Carter, followed a workshop with Richard Skinner, Director of the Fiction Programme at Faber Academy.  I’m hoping that the combination of these two sessions will refuel my creative vigor so I can get back to editing the crap out of my MS and take the ****ing synopsis by its throat and squeeze the essential juices out of it.

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