Soggy Sunday: wet and grey

I woke up to some spectacular sunrises this week, for example, yesterday… with its pink and orange hues, spreading hopefulness and inspiration over a darkened world, which inspired me to slave over a hot manuscript all day.  And this morning? About as lyrical as I can wax on this soggy Sunday is… wet and grey.

Waxing lyrical on Freaky Friday.   The pink and orange hues of the sunrise, spreading hopefulness and inspiration over a darkened world.


According to my new Fitbit… I’m averaging one hour’s deep sleep per night and four hour’s light sleep.  So, it’s no wonder I feel knackered when I wake up.  Despite the above, I automatically wake up a dawn… the time my WIP starts calling from my Woman Cave.

‘Edit me…’

When I’m asleep, I dream about the characters in my WIP.

Gorgeous Henry, with his six-pack and rugby player thighs.

As I’m currently contemplating killing Henry off, despite his six-pack and rugby player thighs and I’m having nightmares about it.  I killed Arthur off over a year ago, but brought him back to life about a week later because I felt so bad about it.

s king
One of my writing heroes says ‘Kill the little darlings…’  I’m just not sure I can bring myself do it.

So it is inevitable that, on this Soggy Sunday, I will spend most of it editing.  Although I need to find time to fit in some TV family viewing; especially as I’ve recently been described as being no company anymore.

Our current binge watch is Jed Mecurio’s Bodies.  I was addicted to Line of Duty and more recently, like the rest of the TV viewing millions, Bodyguard.  I’ve noticed that the same actors tend to appear in Jed’s brilliantly scripted TV shows, such as Keeley Hawes. Unfortunately, her Mecurio-written characters always seem to get bumped off. (Note to self… STOP USING IDIOMS!)  I couldn’t/wouldn’t do that to you Ma’am because, like my Henry, you are much too gorgeous to axe.

Soggy Sunday… bring it on.   Like the rain, I’ll soak it all up.

Keeley Hawes in the line of fire… again.   Photo Credit:  HuffPost UK