It does bother me that I spend everyday writing, but never allow myself time to sit and read a book these days.  But, I have decided to stop beating myself up about it because I do read.  I read a lot, but not always in the good old-fashioned way.

I grew up in the non-digital dark ages, a time when there was nothing more entertaining than a darn good book.  I loved reading with a passion, especially under my bedclothes with a torch after lights out.  I still love books, I am surrounded by bookshelves bursting at the seams with books and some have been read more than once.


My most prolific reading streak came during a two week holiday in The Maldives when I devoured seven books in fourteen days.  The book I remember best from that holiday was Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra.  Not exactly a holiday read, but a read I will never forget.

This Maldivian reading feat was accomplished before I owned a laptop, iPad or Kindle; all frequent travelling companions these days, not forgetting my iPhone.  Living in a digital age, I think, has changed the way we read.  Why weigh yourself down with a bunch of books in your luggage, when you can read them on Kindle or listen to them on audiobooks?

These days, thanks to the Internet, it is so easy to tap into a plethora of resources for literature, art and just about everything else… 24/7.  So I quench my constant thirst for knowledge browsing the Net.

I’ve spent the last three years and five months writing my first work of fiction.  Since I started writing it,  I became so blinkered by my own storytelling to the point I couldn’t get my head around reading someone else’s novel until after I steered my MC, Lisa Grant, to The End of her story.

That said, I am confident that the amount of reading I have done over the years, plus the mental stimulus that life throws at me on a daily basis, will get me through… my current WIP anyway.

We live in a digital age so, as long as books are read it doesn’t really matter how you read them, be it on an electronic device or with the book in your hand.

So it is time to stop beating myself up and stop feeling guilty about not spending enough time turning the pages of a book.  Nothing can ever replace the excitement of holding a new book in your hands, but the exhilaration of reading a cracking good story can never be lost, whether you turn the pages yourself or nudge your electronic device to do it for you.

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