Encore JADC – A Trio of One-Act​ Plays

How often have I waxed lyrical about the talented actors who tread the boards of our local theatre?  Our home-grown talent, nurtured by local theatre companies including the Jersey Amateur Dramatic Club (JADC), have gone on to share their talent with wider audiences.  

It is no surprise to me, as I’m still reeling from July 2017 when sitting in the stalls of Jersey’s Opera House, I could have been forgiven for thinking I had been transported to the West End. les-mis-jersey The JADC’s 2017 performance of Les Miserables was a classy one, steered to flawless climax by the MD, the internationally acclaimed, Dominic Ferris, who describes Jersey as his ‘second home’.  Lucky us.

The Studio at Jersey’s Opera House – Photo Credit: http://www.jerseyoperahouse.co.uk

The JADC have been back in action this week in The Studio at Jersey’s Opera House.  This time without a full-blown orchestra and without a full ensemble.  Just a few props, in an intimate setting and some of the stalwarts of the club acting alongside some of its newer members.

The JADC was formed in 1939 and staged their first production in 1949.  Since that time they have encouraged and nurtured new talent, supporting both actors and directors alike and Comedy 3 – A Trio of One Acts at the Opera House this week, is the follow-up of a 2-day Directors’ workshop run by the JADC in 2016.

So congratulations to Liz Breen, Sharon Campbell and Lizzie Fisher who took turns to sit in the director’s chair for the Trio of One Acts.

Clara’s on the Curtains! was directed by Liz Breen and written by the late British actor and playwright, Arthur Lovegrove, and this week featured a cast of ten of the JADC’s finest leading ladies.

Blind Date, written by West End and Broadway playwright Peter Quilter, directed this week in Jersey by Lizzie Fisher. Quilter’s plays dig deep into his characters’ psyche, so it is no wonder they have been translated into 27 languages, performed in over 40 countries.

Sharon Campbell’s direction bought another of Quilter’s one-act plays to life, Secretarial Duties, much to the delight of the enthusiastic audiences at the Opera House this week.

The One Act play format provides a great opportunity for people to take that first step in either treading the boards or directing – JADC

And what an opportunity for the Jersey theatre-loving public to sit so up close and personal to the comedic drama unfolding around them.  Hats off to everyone involved.  It was a great night out.

Encore, JADC… I can’t wait for the next trio.  I am already trying to contain myself waiting for the Box Office to open for your next musical extravaganza, West Side Story in July 2019.

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