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Lost Blogs is delighted to introduce photographer, Paul Walker, who has been exhibiting and publishing photographs since 2013. Paul has recently published a book of his photographs taken between 2013 and 2018, called A Picture Paints a Thousand Words. Which is a collaboration between a photographer and a group of international writers.

Paul Walker has been exhibiting and publishing photographs since 2013.  Originally a portrait photographer, he has worked as a film stills photographer in London and now lives in Mid-Wales.


“One of my favourite photography books is the 2016 edition of ‘The Photography Annual’  from The Creative Review published by Centaur Media. I love their individual layouts and fonts and thought that my own work would be well suited to some of those layout ideas.

cover_2.jpegSo, I set about publishing my own book, but boy is it a steep learning curve!  The result I’m delighted to say is A Picture Paints a Thousand Words, (Blurb ISBN 9781388131128), a collaboration between a photographer and a group of international writers.

In November 2018, over 70 photographs taken over a period of years between 2013 and 2018 were placed on a gallery page of my website, It featured photographs of places visited, buildings seen, and people met during my photographic career to date. The ‘story so far’, you could say.


Writers from around the world were then invited to submit pieces of writing, poetry or prose, inspired by one or more of the photographs, of approximately 50 words each, no rules, in their style, their language, their point of view.


Writers had two weeks to submit their entries, during which time I gave my inbox over to my project manager to administer the entries so that I did not see/read any entries until after the deadline!

We then set ourselves up in a quiet room in the Royal Oak Hotel in Welshpool, with prosecco and cake and read and re-read every submission over a period of three hours before coming up with the final selection.

Paul Walker (right) receiving a certificate from Clapham Studios in London for winning a national photo competition

I had an original title for the book called ‘Views. As a photographer I have a view how I see a shot, I compose it and trust others will get it.  I thought it would be interesting to see how others may interpret the same view and that looking again through their eyes I/we see something different.  To this end, I thought that taking the colours out of the photographs would enable writers to look without prejudice hence they are all in black and white.

Contributions are drawn from all over the world, from India, the United States to the United Kingdom and the final selection represent best collaborations of words and photographic images.”

Paul Walker’s A Picture Paints a Thousand Words is available to buy at 

or email Paul direct @

Paul Walker – the man behind the lens


  1. I think it’s a brilliant idea and very selfless of Paul Walker to give writers the opportunity to add words to his amazing photography. I am very proud to be one of the collaborators and feel very fortunate that I just happened to​ see Paul’s appeal for submissions on Social Media when I did.

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