With all the upbeat bravado that goes into celebrating a New Year, it has been a sobering experience for me to start 2019 with a rejection.

Rejection stay strong

As fellow WordPress blogger Jack Fisher said in his August 2018 post, Publishing Update:  Another (Expected) Rejection, ‘It wasn’t the rude kind, though. The editor offered me a sincere apology that they would not be able to publish my work.’

In my case, it’s an agent rejection…

‘… it just doesn’t quite grab my imagination in the way that it must for me to offer to represent it…’  

Fair enoughski… it’s back to the drawing board for me then.

snoopy.pngI am viewing the first rejection of 2019 as a part of my character building process.  I haven’t died, I will live to write another day.  My determination, as well as desire to master the craft is stronger than it ever was and I’m on the way to developing a skin with the rigidity of an armadillo.  So, that’s all good.skin-of-an-armadillo.jpg


For every compliment I have received for my writing, I am expecting – at least – fifty rejections, it’s the nature of the beast.  But as sure as Hell, I will keep trying until the day I drop of my perch.