I overslept.  Just as well it’s Sunday and I don’t have to be anywhere.  I was awake most of the night because I had to keep waking myself up from the recurring ‘drowning in rejection slips dream’.

My new growth of pangolin skin

I’m not sure why one agent’s rejection succeeded in unsettling my sleep.  It’s only one rejection… in a collection of many and there is a reason I’ve grown a pangolin skin, but overnight the words

‘… it just doesn’t quite grab my imagination…’  

wormed their way into my subconscious.

But, after three and a half years and 92,000 words, I’m not going to allow my first attempt at a novel to wallow in the slushy stigma of rejection.

I’ve known about the Two Minute Grab Zone for quite some time, so it’s time I got to grips with it.

Nobody ever said the road to getting published was going to be easy and, perhaps three and a half years, for me, is not enough time to master grabbable.  Which means, as my storytelling does not grab the imagination, I am not ready to join the elite ranks of published fictional authors, yet.

The Pitch: Never Submit A Story Still Damp With Inspiration – Monica Carless

I wish I’d read your words of wisdom before I submitted, Monica Carless.

As of today, all submissions have ceased whilst I throw everything I have at making my storytelling instantly grabbable.