Getting Older


I watched the sunrise yesterday morning. I often do, as my writing day starts at dawn. It’s the time of day my brain to creatively engages with everything around me.

I threw back the curtains to greet the dawn on the day that marked yet another year since my arrival on the planet.

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse

The temptation to moan about how old and how wrinkly I’ve become was there,  but I have so much to be thankful for, both materially and spiritually.

People say that age is just a state of mind. I say it’s more about the state of your body.

Geoffrey Parfitt

My constant companion… always right behind me…

Yes, my joints ache and I no longer exercise aerobically every day.  I walk in the country and on the beach with my constant companion, looking for new adventures and breathing in the sights and sounds around me.  Absorbing everything that my younger self took for granted and never stopped to appreciate.

Getting older means embracing every new dawn.  My younger self rarely saw the dawn, unless a late night turned into an early morning and I was too tired to appreciate it.

The stillness of the night disappears as an orange glow rises in the east, welcomed by a chorus of birdsong, making you feel grateful to be alive.

I now appreciate the things that have always been around me, but I have been too blind to see them.

The first part of your life is like a roller coaster ride.  You rush from A to B, keeping your head above the water, as you make your way in the world.

When you get older, you become more aware of the rustling of leaves, feeling the wind against your face and the footprints you leave in the sand.  You find your inner calm.

Nothing lasts forever, except for the spectacular world we live in and the mighty universe.  Consider the alternatives; fate has snuffed out the lives of too many people we meet and love along the rocky road of life.  Their lives snatched away from them all too soon. I often think of those I have loved and lost when I watch the sunrise.

When you get older, your life slows down.  The importance of your career and lifestyle gives way to what is fundamentally important.  The air that we breathe, the people we love and the wonderful world around us.

Happy Birthday to me.







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