I am fortunate enough to be a member of the Jersey Writer’s Social Group. We meet once a week to toss ideas around and get friendly feedback from other members on our own writing. We all share a love of writing and there is nothing quite like hanging out with like-minded people. We also share the same ambition, to see our work in print. Some of our members have already been published and Dreena Collins is one of them.

Dreena Collins’ hobbies include eating Thai food, unintentionally waking at 3.30 a.m., and falling over.  

Her writing has been shortlisted and long-listed in numerous writing competitions, including the Mslexia Annual Short Story Competition and a top 100 place in The Bridport Prize

Her first short story collection was The Blue Hour: character-based tales exploring challenges, such as dementia, obsession, and loneliness – but peppered with bitter-sweet humour.   

“Powerfully observed stories, exquisitely tense, beautifully poised, and deliciously deceptive.”Julie Brominicks, landscape writer.

The Blue Hour is available on Amazon.


Dreena’s second short story collection, The Day I Nearly Drowned, is due for release in June 2019 and will also be available on Amazon. 

Find out more about Dreena at


or facebook.com/dreenawriting 

She is also active on Instagram.com/dreenawriting where she posts on all things wordy and bookish. 

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