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It's Easter Saturday and I'm on a roll. I would like to introduce you to another of my Jersey Writer's Group members, Juanita Shield-Laignel, features writer and editor for The Jersey Life.

Juanita Shield-Laignel is feature writer and Editor for The Jersey Life magazine.  When she isn’t writing, she multitasks as wife, mother, friend, artist, holistic therapist, gardener and perpetual student of life.  Writer’s like to keep themselves busy.

Her book Occupation Reconciliation, The Life and Times of Michael Ginns MBE was published towards the end of 2018. Born in 1927, Michael was destined to become one of Jersey’s foremost historians and authorities on the isle’s Occupied history and his efforts were rewarded when he received an MBE in 1995.

Michael wrote extensively about his internment and the subsequent twinning with the once imprisoning town of Bad Wurzach, but little else of his life had been documented.  As Juanita frequently uses her interviewing skills for The Jersey Life,  she set about chronicling Michael’s life for all to read.

Michael Ginns MBE, aside from his well-documented internment in the German town of Wurzach during WWII and subsequent twinning in 2002 of said town with St Helier, the capital of Michael’s Island home, became one of Jersey’s leading authorities on German fortifications and the Occupation of our Isle.

Juanita says: “When interviewing Michael it soon became clear he wanted to share some of the lesser-known details of his life; the chronology of his whole life if you will, not just the more significant incidents. Michael was insistent that I mention his Grandfather was a Master Church Organ Maker for instance and on it went. Most of ‘Occupation Reconciliation’ is in Michael’s own words as he was such a wonderful orator. Sadly Michael is no longer with us, so I am delighted to be able to share the stories of his life in this book. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed spending time with Michael and consigning his legacy to the page for all to see.”

Occupation Reconciliation, The Life and Times of Michael Ginns MBE is available on Amazon.

For more information, you can contact Juanita @

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