Happy Friday… peonies and all…

I’ve had a bad day.  I rarely need an alarm clock to wake me these days.   My seasoned body clock has reset itself and I wake every morning to embrace the dawn.

On the rare occasions I am slow to stir my stumps, Liza Pullman wakes me up singing Fascinating Aida’s, ‘A Brand New Me‘, which is guaranteed to galvanise me into facing the new day with upbeat enthusiasm.

Not so this morning, I was unceremoniously woken by a clap of thunder. When I looked out of my bedroom window, Storm Miguel was battering my peonies and the rest of the garden, which was shaping up to be our best horticultural endeavour ever.

Then… the guilt began settling in; I should have staked the little beauties last week.  Seeing my best ever crop of peonies being pummelled to the ground put me in a very bad mood for most of the day, until it stopped raining and I went out to mop their saturated mid-bloom heads and stake them.  Hopefully, they will recover now Storm Miguel has left the Channel Islands to batter other gardens in its path.

Now, it’s time for a glass of wine and a bit of upbeat Aida.

3 thoughts on “Happy Friday… peonies and all…”

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