GOW on the Move – In Reflective Mode: Day 2

I am much better than I used to be when it comes to switching off and I believe Qigong has helped me to achieve that.  Since I became a student, I am a much calmer person, so kicking off my shoes and switching in to relax mode has never been so easy.

In the past, I would eagerly count down the working days left to do before each annual holiday. Then, on day one of freedom, I would either contract a bout of ‘flu or start a week’s worth of cluster migraines, and spend the first week worrying about whether I had dumped too much extra work on my colleagues.

These days, living in the now is much more important.  There is so much more I want to achieve and none of us knows what lies around the corner.

Age teaches you to appreciate what you have much more, apart from the age-related aches and pains but, like floaters, they never go away but your brain does it best to ignore them. 

The all-consuming drive to succeed and further your career during your thirties and forties slows down and you start appreciating everything you used to take for granted.  In my case, the sunrise and the sunset.

I had rarely seen the sunrise until a handful of years ago, now it is my most productive time of day.  They are all different and for me, they trigger my creative juices.

And… watching the setting sun, enjoying a glass of wine with the people I love… life doesn’t get much better than that.

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