Congratulations, You have a Boy…

Yesterday was a day for making new friends and saving a life.

After a lazy morning getting my teeth into Ruby Wax’s words of wisdom we headed out for a, very, late lunch and found a note sellotaped to our hire car.

We stopped, listened and the voice of a, very, small cat was coming from underneath the bonnet.

Given that the temperature was around 25C, we launched ourselves into emergency rescue mode, grovelling around in the footwell of the car trying to work out which knob released the bonnet.

Once found, we peered inside the bonnet with a degree of trepidation as to what we might find.

Lying, quite calmly (given the circumstances) on the cylinder head cover, was an extremely grubby ginger and white kitten.

Lunch, on hold we took him back to the apartment to administer TLC and water. He quickly showed his appreciation by rolling on his back and purring, making it easy for us to confirm that our new baby was indeed a boy.

As we were all beginning to think about how to get around the impracticalities of adopting a kitten in a foreign country, I rang the lady who had left note.

She was adamant she wanted to give our baby a home and, she as only lives a couple of doors down, we have been granted custodial visiting rights to see our boy regularly.

Our baby used one of his nine lives yesterday and the moral of this story is to always make sure that you have no stowaways concealed under you bonnet before you set off. I for one, will be forever vigilant.

You never know what you might find underneath your car’s bonnet

We finally got to gorge on chicken Piri Piri and share a sundowner together whilst our boy was tucked up with his new forever family.


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