Facebook Is Playing Hide And Seek — A.D. Wayne

A heads up to all my Indie friends on how Facebook is likely to affect us all in the future, especially if you have Author pages. Written by fellow WordPress Blogger, Alexa Wayne, this is a must-read.

The battle started, but it’s far from over. Other platforms want their chance at getting their bite off of Facebook. They are waiting for their next false move.

via Facebook Is Playing Hide And Seek — A.D. Wayne

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  1. Very interesting link/post, Tessa. It’s what U.S. Prez candidate Elizabeth Warren is describing when she talks about Amazon doing things to kill small business by using customer information on those small bizzes that sell on Amazon to create Amazon products to crush those same businesses. Cannibals. And all the billions and billions they–Facebook, Amazon–make (and don’t pay any tax on) will never be enough. Greed is the disease threatening all life on the planet.

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