Keep Challenging Yourself!

I’ve been hunkered down over the past week or so.  Reluctant to go anywhere. A poorly cat was one reason.  He was feeling like shit and I wanted to nurse him back to health which, to a certain extent, masked what was going on inside of me.

Have you ever felt like you’ve climbed a mountain, then fallen over a precipice? That overwhelming sense of achievement drowned out by feelings of ‘where to now?’  I had no idea that finishing my first novel, would have such a dramatic effect on me! 😉

I have spent four and a half years trying to get my MC through to The End.  I’ve been feeling down because that bubble of exuberant high I’ve been floating in since finishing it burst, after the initial barrage of rejections.  And, maybe, my over-sensitivity is because there is too much of me in my MC.

Whatever the reason, I needed to rise above the feelings of impending doom and self-doubt, because I have other challenges face.  Whatever the outcome is with my firstborn novel, I feel a personal sense of achievement having completed it.

I’ve already started my next challenge, novel number two, which I’m viewing much more objectively.  My characters are well-rounded, none of them are like me, and I am steering them through a well-defined story arc.

And my cat?  Thanks for asking… he’s fine, thank goodness… Cassie the Blog Dog and I make good nurses.





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