Writing is not for the faint-hearted. The hardest part for all us aspiring writers is maintaining the motivation and drive to, as a fellow writers group member so succinctly put it… ‘push you over the line.’

We need to keep the faith in our ability as writers and drive ourselves from final draft stage to getting published.

The feedback I have received since finishing my first novel has been sobering. It has highlighted the lack of many of the essential ingredients I am going to need if I am ever going to haul myself over that line and see my work in print.

’Us aspiring writers need to keep the faith and I so wish mine was as strong as Edna’s.’

The above is a line from a satirical short story I wrote last year, which I have now incorporated into a larger piece of work about a Writers Group.

Edna has unwavering self-belief in her abilities as a writer and has convinced herself that her work-in-progress will be a best seller.

Maybe writing about Edna’s enduring self-belief might bolster up my own?

Daily affirmations may well be the way to go.

Self-belief is something we all need to work on.  It is a character-building process and is key to pushing ourselves over that line.