The Inevitability of Consciousness

I dreamt about you last night.

I was walking on the beach where we spent so many happy times together.  It was a perfect day, vivid and clear.  The bluest of blue skies and powder puff clouds pushed along by the breeze.

My thoughts were centred around the days we spent surfing, picnicking and playing cricket on this perfect beach.  A place where we laughed a million times and, there you were.  The image of you that I store in my heart.

You smiled and my heart jumped for joy.  Your recognition almost brought me to my knees.  Last time I saw you, you didn’t know who I was.

I hugged you gently, savouring each second, afraid to let you go.

I’ve forgotten when I hugged you for the last time.  It was so long ago because the evil disease took its time to destroy your body and your vibrant mind until it sucked the very last breath from your lungs.

Sounds from the outside world puncture this heart-stopping moment, as a cawing murder of crows triggers a dog’s bark reflex.  The noise threatens to break this surreal, but precious moment.

I fight against the inevitability of consciousness, hanging on to you tighter until the bubble bursts.   The illusion shatters into a thousand pieces.

You are gone and I wake up in the world you left behind.  A world where you are much-loved, much-missed and never forgotten because you are always in my heart.


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