Out of the blackness, I regained consciousness.

I was so cold and my heart felt like a bird trapped inside my chest.  My head hurt and something warm trickled from my forehead, over my eyes, down my cheeks and on to my lips.  I licked them and they tasted salty.  A strong, pungent metallic smell, which I couldn’t instantly identify, drifted up my nostrils.

When I realised it was blood, my blood, I panicked and tried to move, but I couldn’t because pain seared through my whole body.

I started to scream.  It was more like a wail, a strangled cry, which hurt my chest and, as quickly as I regained my senses, I lost them again.

The next time I woke, I blinked my eyes open to a clinically clean environment, with bright lights. A disembodied voice said, she’s coming round and two heads blurred into vision.

‘Lily… can you hear me?’

I could, but I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t feel my legs.  I couldn’t feel my arms and I couldn’t move my head.  Is Lily my name?  Because I don’t remember.