Stockpiling for Uncertainty – Are You Brexit Ready?

One of my oldest friends is contemplating pickling her bumper crop of 2019 pears.  My advice to her is to go for it as it seems that the UK is careering towards a period of uncertainty with no guarantee that our supermarket shelves will be adequately stocked after 31st October 2019.

Yup, 22 days to go… so get pickling and stockpiling

Here in Jersey, Channel Islands we have, unwittingly, been sucked into this Brexit shambles.  Jersey is one of three of the UK’s Crown Dependencies. Bailiwick of Guernsey (which includes the Islands Herm and Jethou), the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Isle of Man.

The population of the Channel Islands

Bailiwick of Jersey – 100,000

Bailiwick of Guernsey – including Herm and Jethou – 66,0003

The Isle of Man – 85,000

Alderney – 1,900

Sark including the island of Brecqhou – 600

We are not included in the UK Electoral Register but feel we should have been allowed to, at least, voice our opinion during the 2016 Referendum.

Boris Johnson’s blustering approach to getting the UK out of the EU in 22 days

I may live in a Crown Dependency, but it offends my Yorkshire roots watching Blustering Boris et al taking such a cavalier approach to something that may well bring the UK to its knees.

In Jersey and Guernsey, we are only live a short hop from St. Malo and our Entente has been extremely Cordiale for years, thank you very much.  Yet the repercussions of Brexit will affect us just as much as everybody domiciled in the UK mainland, not least when it comes supermarket shopping, as all our supplies are brought in by boat.

Not too surprisingly, Jersey’s government has been telling us for some time to…

‘Stockpile essentials in case of a no-deal Brexit.’

Our brilliant homegrown Jersey produce cannot be expected to meet the demand for the months that follow a disastrous no-deal Brexit.


‘A supply chain that could handle the approximately 500,000 tonnes of freight that comes into Jersey yearly from the UK does not exist in Northern France. However, work has been ongoing to consider French freight routes if the disruption to supply chains in the UK proves unmanageable. Discussions have been ongoing with key members of industry to assess feasibility and capacity.’

 Government of Jersey

So… I’m thinking about doing a bit of pickling myself whilst we are enjoying the last 22 days of well-stocked shelves and freezing everything that’s freezable. I’ve already stockpiled loo paper and tuna.  So on Christmas Day, I can at least rustle up a tuna pasta, followed by a pickled something.

Thank you, Boris and the Brexitiers for getting us into the proverbial SH1T, and bonne chance on 1st November, after you’ve cast us all adrift. I just hope you can all swim.



3 thoughts on “Stockpiling for Uncertainty – Are You Brexit Ready?”

  1. I did not realize, Tessa, that Guernsey is a “Crown Dependency” without electoral rights. This places you very much in the same situation as Puerto Rico to the States. I hope you fare better than those poor people–two years out and there’s still no real government assistance. Despite the many taxes they pay.

    1. Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are all Crown Dependencies and as such, we have our own Government, which is guided by the decisions made in the UK. Unlike the Puerto Ricans,​ we only pay Jersey Tax, we don’t pay any UK tax. That said, I still think we deserved a shout about Brexit because leaving the EU will have a significant impact on us. Not least, the movement of animals. For example, many Islanders take their horses on the ferry to St. Malo to compete in shows. My understanding is that St. Malo will no longer be a port of entry for large animals. It’s all such a mess.

      As always, I so much appreciate you taking time to comment on my blogs. Thank you.

  2. That last drawing, and its comment. So good, spot on. And, I think, the root cause for this whole malarkey. Instead of taking responsibility for their bad decisions, your politicians have blamed the EU. I’m sure they’ll manage to continue to do that. We’re not in the EU, but our politicians do the same – often blaming someone else, rarely taking responsibility for bad choices.
    Good luck, I think you need it… well, we all do.

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