If I could stay here forever in this moment of time, cocooned from the stresses and strains of this life I call mine.  If I could bottle this moment, I’d keep it for years and only let it out when I’m close to tears.

I wander down to the beach from the sand dunes and kick off my shoes.  On a laid-back summer high, I am hypnotised by the viridian flat line of the horizon, that infinite place in space and time where the sky meets the sea.  You know you can never touch it, it’s always out of reach, but it draws you like a magnet, as it has done for generations, driving you to find out what lies beyond its lure.

Seduced by the rush of the incoming tide, I walk towards the shimmering haze where the cool Atlantic Ocean meets the sun-drenched shore. My pace quickens, the hot sand burns the soles of my feet.

The sun, high in the azure blue sky, heats my tanned and tingling skin as I walk slowly along the water’s edge.   The powder puff clouds drift slowly by on the velvet breeze, its feathery touch fluttering against my face.

The wet sand is soft beneath my feet.  Gritty particles of weathered-down quartz, feldspar, and mica are stuck between my toes, washed away by the refreshing advance party waves sent by the mighty ocean as they rush over my feet.

It is such a perfect day, its visual and aural spectacle precipitates an adrenalin rush and I throw myself into the surf.

The Atlantic is the youngest of the world’s five oceans and it covers 21% of the earth.  An immense and mighty water mass which surged into being during the Jurassic Period, so the water washing over my body, just a speck in our great Universe, is likely to have touched the shores of Greenland and The Cape of Good Hope.

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I take a deep breath. The briny air cleanses my lungs and refuels my soul. I roll over on to my back and float, gazing up at the sky, my ears submerged listening to the constant babble of the sea, which has 150 million years of stories to tell.

Today is heaven on earth; its sensory overload inspires me to do many things. Reach around the world, spreading words of love and peace, reminding those in every corner of our fragile earth who seem to forget we are merely custodians of this extraordinary and beautiful planet.  We should preserve it for future generations, not pollute and ravage it.

Days such as this, so perfect, so pure, should be programmed into the minds of those who have been brainwashed by a culture of hate.  It’s a day such as this, that we should all be fighting for.

So, if I could bottle this moment, I’d keep it for years and only let it out when I’m close to tears.  A moment in time I can forever call mine.