I’ve been stockpiling again, but not in anticipation of a no-deal Brexit, which may, or may not, happen in 10 days’ time.  At 7.30p.m last night, a lorry load of our annual supply of perfectly dry logs was offloaded outside our garage.

We have been benefitting from this arrangement for about five years and have always taken a cavalier approach to the storing and stacking of the logs, which we always do as soon as the load arrives and involves a considerable amount of physical exertion.

For the first three years, we benefitted from having a fit and strong teenager in the house, which made the umpteen loaded wheelbarrow trips from the driveway to the back of the garage, where we stack the logs, seem like a bit of a breeze.

Last year for the first time, we managed on our own as the teenage prodigy is now away at university.  The morning after stacking our unruly woodpile, I do remember feeling stiff, but this morning… I can hardly walk.

One year on, I find my bodily deterioration depressing but, one has to look at things on the bright side.

1.  The garage is filled with the combined and heady aromatic smell of birch, cedar, and oak.


2.  The thought of sitting around cozy log fires during the winter months whilst enjoying our stockpiled basic necessities having prepared for no-deal Brexit, makes all the aches and pains worthwhile.