Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy author from Romania. We ‘met’ through the blogosphere, and I am delighted to welcome him to Lost Blogs to chat with us about his writing.

Tessa:  When did you first realise that you wanted to write books?

Emanuel:  I started writing since August 2016, because I love the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre and I wanted to share my stories with people.

Tessa:  There are quite a few members in my writing group who write Sci-Fi and Fantasy and you all make me feel that I totally lack imagination!  Have you always wanted to write in this genre?

Emanuel: Yes, I chose to write science fiction first, because I am more comfortable with this genre. I strive to write fantasy, cyberpunk and dystopian books too. I have started writing my first fantasy novel, and I find that writing fantasy is harder than any other genre, because you don’t have the support of science or real facts to rely on when creating a magic universe. What you really need for a successful story is a good plot, lovable characters and memorable lines, and a lot of imagination.


Tessa:  Your first book, The Restoration, which is available on Amazon, was published in 2017.  As the blurb says, it is about

‘A reptilian species uses the time travel as a weapon to enslave other civilizations. An android is not content about the present and tries to alter the past.’

You have said that your writing style has ‘evolved considerably’ since writing it.  I think writing your first book of fiction is always a learning curve, but in what way has your writing style changed?

Emanuel: I wrote The Restoration’s chapters using the third person, the first person and a diary-like style. My intention was to find out what writing style suits me. I’ve noticed that I write better in the third person because my stories have intricate plots and many characters and I have to present their point of view to the readers. I know it was risky, using a combination of styles for my debut book, but hey, we live only once, right?

Tessa:  Indeed!  One of the reviewers for The Restoration said they enjoyed your ‘fresh style,‘ and another considered it was a ‘must-read for Sci-Fi fans.’ It as also been described as an easy read, suitable for young adults, and I wondered if you are targeting a particular age group when you write?

Emanuel:  No, I don’t target any particular group age. My books are for everyone. I use a simple, clear style, because as Leonardo Da Vinci said,

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Science fiction is a complicated genre because you have to invent things that don’t exist (yet) and make them work alongside the reality of science.

Tessa:  Your second book, SS Vagabond, is due to be released very soon. It is set in the dystopian future and from the synopsis, it sounds like an intriguing story.

‘In a distant dystopian future, Captain Edward Turner is struggling to survive, transporting goods and passengers with his freighter, SS Vagabond. Eileen, the second in command and Edward’s lover, urges him to accept a risky yet lucrative mission to Mars. What could go wrong?’ © Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi

Your current work in progress, the Starship “The Apple of Discord’’  you describe as your ‘first major project’, will be accompanied by some amazing illustrations by Cosmin Benchea.

Please, could you tell us a little bit more about why Starship “The Apple of Discord” is different from your other books?   And when do you think it and when do you think it might be ready for publication?

Starship Apple of Discord ©2018 Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi, All rights reserved

Emanuel:  The Starship “Apple of Discord” is a space opera of up to ten volumes. I finished the first three volumes in November 2017, and I started writing the fourth, “The Artisan” this November.

The Starship “Apple of Discord” takes place in the Milky Way galaxy, the home of several galactic empires. None of them aware of the presence of humans, believing they are alone in the Universe. The war and constant skirmishes for planets and resources have prevented these aliens from exploring the galaxy properly, so mankind has, so far, been left undisturbed. But one day in the 21st century, in a distant solar system owned by an ancient civilization, an incident took place. The outcome of this incident is the subject of the first volume of Starship “Apple of Discord.

Self-publishing heavily relies on self-promoting, but marketing is my kryptonite, but I would prefer to go down the traditional publishing route with my space opera, Starship “Apple of Discord”.  I have contacted many publishers in both Romania, as well as overseas, and I’m waiting to hear back from them. I know that people are looking forward to reading Starship “Apple of Discordand I don’t want to disappoint them.  If I don’t receive a favourable response from publishers by the spring of 2020, then I will self-publish. I write because I love the Sci-Fi genre, and I want to share this saga with readers.

Tessa: I see your goal is to become a full-time writer, and for one of your books adapted into a movie.  I wish you every success with this, as well as finding a publisher for Starship “Apple of Discord.

Emanuel: Thank you! I strive to become a professional writer and to travel around the world using only the money from my book sales, but this is a very long shot. I have to publish more books, and I have to write better stories if I want to achieve this. Regarding the movie industry, I consider that a good movie doesn’t need tons of computer-generated imagery, but a good scenario. I can write good stories that can be turned into a movie, a Starship “Apple of Discord, SS Vagabond (the problems faced by a crew living on a cargo ship) and my newest collection of Sci-Fi stories, Tales from the asteroid belt, are such stories.

Tessa:  We very much hope you achieve all your writing goals in 2020, and thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us here at Lost Blogs.