It’s just dawned on me that cows feature in both Just Say It and An Honest Review.  I was brought up on a dairy farm, so maybe that’s the reason?

Coincidently, my main character in Just Say It grows up on a dairy farm with a herd of Dairy Shorthorn cattle, like as I did.  Our home-bred bull, Billy, features in it as well.  So maybe my childhood association with these bovines beauties is the reason they frequent my imagination? 🤔  Or maybe it is because, when I think of the countryside, I associate rolling green fields with cows.  Or maybe, it’s because I love these bovine beasties.


Several cows mooed in the distance. Jim must have finished milking, and the girls were headed for the lush, green pastures, relieved that their large milk giving udders had been drained of their weight.

‘As the estate consists of 1000 acres of prime farmland, one can expect to receive a substantial amount of money, if indeed, the land was to be sold.  The prize pedigree Dairy Shorthorn herd at Silkwoods is one of the largest in the country. Mr Goldsworthy’s home-bred bull, Sir William of Silkwoods, better known as Billy, is a super grand champion.’

 In An Honest Review, Friesan cows are everywhere.


Didsbrook has always been considered to be a safe place to live.  Which, I imagine is the reason why I have no recollection of either of our parents laying down any rules about what we could or couldn’t do, or where we could or couldn’t go.   The reality was that the only other living souls we ever bumped into, were four-legged.   Friesian cows.  Hundreds of them, as Didsbrook’s primary industry, has always been, dairy farming.  It still is but to a lesser degree.

So, the most threatening encounter we were ever likely to have, would be to find ourselves in the same field as the Holstein-Friesian bull from Frogs Bottom Farm, known locally as, Dave.  I do remember discussing what our plan of action would be if we happened to have a close encounter with Didsbrook’s Divine David.  And, we agreed that, because he was built like a Friesian Sumo wrestler, we were confident we could outsprint him, just like we did with Kevin. Fortunately, our theory never had to be put to the test.