Five days ago Italy quarantined sixteen million people. Such action may have been viewed as a Draconian measure to keep Covid-19 at bay, but for a country that, at that point, had lost over 1000 people, they believe this could work.

Two days ago, The World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic, a word they do not use lightly. Countries around the world responded by imposing more stringent precautions to protect their people.

After yesterday’s COBRA meeting, Boris Johnson levelled with us…

 ‘Many more families are going to lose loved ones.’ If you’ve got a cough or a fever, self-isolate. Stay away from the older members of your family and don’t go on a cruise.

I’m confused. We are caught up in the worst public health crisis for a generation. Yet, we are expected to carry on regardless with a big, black Covid-19 cloud hanging over our heads.

Why does the UK Government’s response smack of complacency?

One obvious precaution is to postpone the larger gatherings like other countries are doing.   Ireland closed their schools yesterday and, a school has been temporarily closed in Scotland today after a coronavirus case emerged. Yet, the Cheltenham Festival went ahead with over 60,000 punters expected to pass through the gates on each of the three days.  Liverpool welcomed 3000 Spanish fans to the city for a football match on Wednesday night which 52,267 fans attended.  The Spanish Coronavirus figures are much worse than ours are. And there was me thinking we are supposed to be trying to halt the spread of the virus.

Am I missing something here? If these large events are allowed to continue, the UK will be crippled in a very short space of time.

I’ve always been someone to err on the side of caution and, with a compromised immune system, I can’t afford to take chances, and neither can you! It’s the luck of the draw which one us is going to succumb to this thing, but common sense needs to prevail.

Its here, it’s happening now.  This is not a dress rehearsal and we need to get it right.  This time next week, things will be much worse, more families will have lost more loved ones.  

We live in a digital world, so it’s not like we are going to totally shut down.  Why can’t we all carry on talking to each other, via Social Media, as we normally do, and not run the risk infecting each other?

Business conference calls and Skype have been going on for years.

Sixth Form and University students can access lectures from their laptops.

It’s not ideal, it’s going to cramp our styles for a bit, but it’s not going to be forever.  Not if we nip it in the bud now.