Under the Cloud of Covid-19

Looking at life from the funny side has never been more difficult, as my compromised immune system and I prepare to stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world to face the biggest battle of our lives, Covid-19.

Saturday 14th March 2020

A baby was born with Covid-19 in the UK today.  A jarring reality of the challenges ahead.

Living in Jersey, Channel Islands, defending ourselves against Covid-19 should be easier than in many places, but we need to be vigilant because it’s already here; all we need to do is close our ports.  Why this isn’t being done now, has been a puzzle to me. Although I am gradually getting my head around the fact that the population of the UK, as a whole, needs to develop an immune memory against Covid-19, to stop the disease from spreading, even if some of the population is not immune. So there is an element of tough luck achieving herd immunity, but it is a very effective way to protect the whole population against infectious disease.

134 people have been tested in Jersey and there are 2 confirmed cases. Otherwise, essential travel only, keep three feet away from the over 65’s and if you’ve got flu-like symptoms, stay home and self-isolate for 7 days.

Today, I needed to go to the supermarket and, on top of everything else, was raining which wasn’t improving my aura of gloom. After queuing to get into the car park, I joined fellow shoppers prowling the aisles.  It is a big supermarket by Jersey standards, and as anticipated, there was no loo paper, or anything antibacterial. Thank goodness I have some things left in my Brexit Stockpile.  Still, there was no flour, no cans of tuna, and coffee, which I desperately needed, was £8.00 a pot!

A group of over-80’s were congregated in the Health and Beauty aisle, radiating the blitz-spirit and making me feel like a wimp attempting to navigate my trolley a sensible distance around fellow shoppers.  Impossible in a crowded supermarket.

‘Clarrie and I were due to go to Spain on Friday, but that’s all gone up the Swanee now.’  One of the octogenarians cried.  I pulled a sympathetic face.

Did Nostradamus predict this? Coronavirus?  I think he might have done.

I wonder what he’d say to us now.  ‘I told you so!’  I suppose.

I was guilty of going out on the town tonight.  I don’t often, and it will be the last time I do for a while.  Little seemed to have changed, and the bus on the way in was busier than I remember. Plenty of people around, including hundreds of our wonderful French neighbours who arrived on the boat earlier in the day to enjoy our restaurants, because France has closed all theirs… à bientôt.











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