The Boomer Generation

IMG_5857After a week of soaking up the sun, I woke up to what sounded like gravel being hurled against my window this morning.  Only it wasn’t gravel, it was rain/hail.  It was only 5.45 a.m., which was annoying as I didn’t have to go anywhere.  Still, I had five hours of sleep, instead of four. 90594038_1393478977499262_4858517724503998464_n

A handful of weeks ago, our lives as we knew it, always started with a catch up of the news, to keep us abreast of what was going on in the wider world.   These days, I studiously avoid it first thing in the morning, as I need to go about my day with an uncluttered mind, only tuning into to Johnson’s dismal daily press conferences later on in the day.  Catching up with emails, messenger messages, and smile at the latest round of **** you Covid-19 posts doing the rounds on Facebook, before tackling various projects.

Yesterday, a friend emailed me a copy of her latest short story, for my appraisal.  I felt humbled that a writer of her calibre trusted me to do it.  She was bemoaning the fact that her sitting room has been devoid of furniture for quite some time, waiting for furniture to be delivered from the UK mainland.

LIFE GOES ON AS NORMAL – not members of the Baby Boomer generation granted, but my heart went out to these young men and women, going about their business in gale force 6 winds this morning.

‘It is too ridiculous’, she said, ‘people are having problems of stratospheric proportions, and we are worrying about having not having anything to sit on’, but life still goes on around Covid-19.  It has to for us to weave in some sort of perspective in these unprecedented times.

I might not be fighting this battle from the frontline, but I am proud to be a part of the Boomer Generation, and I have no doubt that some retired Boomers will be on that healthcare frontline ere long.  I salute you all.

Us Baby Boomers may have missed The Blitz, but we will face this crisis with stoicism and grace, as well as common sense and, above all, a sense of humour, just like Doreen, Carol and Dotty.  Keep smiling through. 😃


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