The Beating Heart of the Community

It’s another lovely day today.  What a difference it makes when the sun is out, it really lifts the spirits.

Last weekend, the sunshine seemed to go to some people’s heads and they forgot about the position we find ourselves in, flocking together in their masses in public places.

Sitting cheek by jowl going to work on the tube?  Are they getting mixed messages?  More importantly, why don’t they realise they are putting other people at risk?  As well as putting unnecessary pressure on our brilliant, but already overstretched NHS.  Okay, rant over.


Our wonderful team at Jersey’s Mobile Coronvirus Testing Station.  Thank you so much for what you are doing for us.

While some people appeared to blinker themselves from the reality of these unprecedented times, some incredible acts of random kindnesses and feel-good community spirit have been going on.

Delivery services are popping up for both food, and other supplies, to cater for the more vulnerable in our community and those in isolation.

I fully appreciate how lucky I am living in Jersey, Channel Islands.  Cue for me to thank our incredible team of doctors and nurses on Jersey’s Coronavirus front line, for what they are doing on behalf of us all.

And, of course, music.  It makes the world go round, doesn’t it?  Covid-19 on not! The Italians, Buongiorno, by the way, have been singing their way through their lockdown.

Both here in Jersey, and in the UK, on-line choirs are popping up.

Our wonderful, Beresford Street Kitchen, a social enterprise providing education, training and employment for people with learning disabilities and autism, have been missing their crew.  They have taken on The Rembrandts song, the Friends theme tune, I’ll be there for you.

Leila Begg, the principal of The Progressive School of Music, sang the Bill Wither’s song, Lean on Me in her garden at the top of her lungs the other day, encouraging neighbours and those watching via video link to join her.  Even her dogs got into the spirit of it all.

Pulling together and making people smile.  The beating heart of the community. That’s what it’s all about.

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